Kevin M. Moran, MD

Surgical second opinion

Having joint, neck or back pain can be very disruptive to everyday activities. There are usually conservative treatments to try before considering a surgery. Whether to undergo spine surgery or any other orthopedic surgery is an important decision. Having surgery can be stressful and involves careful planning and consideration. The opportunity for honest and open communication can put you at ease and give you confidence in your final decision. Dr. Moran will review your information, examine you and recommend the best treatment option for you in his opinion to optimize your outcome. Dr. Moran would be honored to have the opportunity to provide this service to you in a timely manner.

Please be prepared to answer the items below that apply to you:
Where is your pain?
Joint(which one?)
Back pain
Neck pain
Tingling in arm or leg
Weakness in arm or leg

How long have you had these symptoms?
What makes your pain worse?
Have you injured yourself?
Does your neck or back pain keep you up at night?
Is there any numbness or tingling in your arm or leg?
Do you have pain below your knee or past your elbow towards your hand?
Have you ever had neck or back surgery before?

What treatments have you already had for this problem:
-Physical therapy(if so, for long?)
-Pain management pills(if so, name of medication and how many you take?)
-Spinal injection(s)(when and where?)
-Knee injections?
-Anything else?

What treatment(s) is/are the most helpful so far?
Have you seen a spine surgeon before(if so, was surgery recommended and what type?)

What to bring to your appointment:
X-rays films or CD
MRI scan films or CD CT scan film or CD
All related medical records